DSC_0251Our experienced staff of service technicians can provide our customers with plumbing and HVAC service. We take your business seriously and we know that equipment failures can cause not only inconvenience, but loss of income. That’s why we provide 24 hour emergency service, 7 days a week to offer you quality repairs to HVAC equipment, ventilation equipment, motors, pumps, plumbing fixtures and sanitary systems.

Additionally, our qualified service department provides equipment wiring, automatic control systems and equipment start-up services for the equipment which we install.

Bortner Bros., Inc. is qualified through York Water Company to provide annual backflow preventor testing and inspections.

Building control components being added to new air handler prior to start-up

Our service department offers preventative maintenance services for equipment. From filter changes to lubricating bearings and adjusting belts, it is our philosophy that proper maintenance is imperative to keeping your equipment in proper operating order. We know that regular maintenance can be difficult to work into your schedule and such items often get neglected. By entering into a preventative maintenance contract with Bortner Bros., Inc. you can rest assured that the proper maintenance schedules will be in place to keep your equipment in good working condition and your equipment manufacturer’s warranty valid. Through regularly scheduled maintenance, problems are more likely to be detected before they become a high dollar repair issue.


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